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Artificial Turf

If you have been thinking about being more eco-friendly, saving water and spending less on the lawn for chemicals and mowing; then aritifical turf may just be just the answer to your needs.  There are many reasons why Central Florida homeowners consider artificial turf, a long lasting synthetic to regular grass. 

  • Using artificial turf for high traffic areas, such as those around the pool. 
  • Artificial grass can be an option for playground equipment without the messy sand. 
  • The artificial turf is a great option for low light areas where grass won't grow. 
  • For your pets, keeping them safe and clean.  And the turf is easy to hose down. 

Kramer Landscape can make artificial grass look naturally beautiful, minus the maintenance and expense of a real yard.   After all, having a nice, well-kept yard is always of the utmost importance for any savvy home or property owner.  


Artificial Turf