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Rock, Mulch And Sod

Kramer Landscape has included these elements many times over the years.  We will install the rock, mulch and sod as part of our landscape installations.  You are hiring us to know what to put in, where to put it and how to install it properly. We are not really targeting just a sod job or mulching a yard, but we will do this as part of a larger project. f


Our follow up service is part of the installation, we want to make sure that the support material is doing its intended job.  We will make follow up visits to make sure the new landscape is thriving and being properly maintained. We feel like new plants are like newborn babies that need extra attention.  We will adjust the irrigation and check plants for pests or disease.  Your landscape needs a lot of attention at first, but with a good head start it will require less care as the landscape grows and matures. We also offer seasonal refresh of mulch and sod.  We believe that "proactive is much better than reactive."